Secure Chat

Human Service Workers need SECURE CHAT

Communication between the client and the provider is key. Staying in contact can be difficult. As a result, many clients and providers use SMS texting or social media to stay in touch, check in, provide support between appointments, and send appointment reminders.

The problem with SMS and Social Media is

  • SMS Texting and Social Media are not HIPAA Compliant
  • Secure chat is HIPAA Compliant!
  • Social Media displays personal information
  • Secure Chat keeps your information private, there’s no need to access other accounts
HIPAA Compliant

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The video below demonstrates the app in use:

Account Setup

  • Get the app
  • Setup your organization
  • Invite clients to join your chat

Having a Conversation

  • Compose & Send a message
  • Add an attachment
  • Start a new conversation
  • Search for or invite a client